In less than two years, the Oran Park Smart Work Hub has made a big splash in the community.

The shared workplace had just 15 members when it first opened its doors in November, 2014 and now almost 80 members use the space to conduct their work.

Locals who have the ability to work remotely or work from home can join the hub and utilise high-speed internet, printing facilities, meeting rooms and even TVs to satisfy their working needs.

Smart Work Hub host Becky Pascoe said the majority of people who use the hub are small business owners who are just starting to grow their business.

“The more people that we get here, the more value it seems to add to our members and create a real buzz in the space as well,” she said.

“A lot of members might not actually realise the value of the collaboration at the hub until they get here.

“They naturally start forming those relationships with others and realise that there’s a support group for them here as well.”

Within the hub, which is the entire second floor of Oran Park Podium, there are various working options available for members, from ‘hot desks’ (where people come and go and take all their goods with them), to permanent desks (where they can leave laptops, stationery and files behind), small offices and large offices.

Ms Pascoe said many of the hub’s members have seen great growth in their businesses and have moved into offices as they’ve boomed.

One business, Momenta, has been operating out of the hub since “day dot” and has even sponsored one of four themed meeting rooms.

Ms Pascoe said the hub allows workers to spend more time in their area and avoid the long commute to the city.

“The stories that really touch me are the ones where people say, ‘I can collect my children from their sporting event and I’ve never been able to do that before’,” she said.

“It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling of being able to dedicate more time to their family than they have before and generally feeling better and healthier about not having to sit in the car for two plus hours a day.

“It gives them a sense of accountability and autonomy to be a lot more productive. Productivity has been one of the key elements we’ve found valuable to a lot of the members since day one.”

One such business that’s seen a massive spike since joining the hub just over a year and a half ago is Lucky Money.

Formerly known as Lion Property Loans, the business has increased its “book” by $14 million, owner Lucky Velasquez said.

“Before we were working from home,” he said.

“It’s great that we’re able to get out of the house and most importantly meet other people that are quite similar to us that we can benefit from.

“That’s really the strength and we’ve partnered up with a few people here that we never thought we’d partner up with.”

Mr Velasquez said working out of the hub had helped create a stronger separation between work and home life and minimised distractions at work.

All members of the hub are also listed in welcome packs given to new residents in Oran Park Town.

Membership fees start from $200 a month. Ms Pascoe encourages anyone interested in becoming a member to check out the site and make use of a complimentary trial day.

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